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Creative Arts for Underserved Persons with Neurological and Related Disorders

If all the world’s a stage, and we are merely players, then it makes sense that all of us should be able to take the stage at some point in our lives. For people with neurological disabilities, participating in creative arts programs has not always been possible. Even today in more enlightened times, we don’t see the level of participation, or inclusion, in creative arts programs. Slowly but surely, theater programs, visual arts classes, and dance troupes designed specifically for people with neurological disabilities are providing an outlet for inventiveness and creativity.

CNNH II, inc. is a nonprofit organization focused on meeting the creative arts needs of the underserved persons with neurological and related disorders in the Southern New Jersey region. We are seeking donations to address the creative arts needs for our clients with a new programming beginning in September 2017. With your support, we plan to provide a unique range of group sessions for the visual arts, dance, theatre, and music. Some of the offerings include a hands-on music program, theatre for self-expression, a comic book-themed drawing class, ballroom dancing and wheelchair dancing.


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