Creative Arts

Movement Therapy Groups for Children

Dance/Movement Therapist Liesbet Manders worked patiently with groups of very enthusiastic children and guided them in exploring new ways of expressing themselves and relating to others through dance and movement. Liesbet encouraged the participants to be sensitive to the boundaries, all through exciting and fun movement games and activities. The participants had wonderful opportunities to grow socially and interact with peers.

Creativity Workshops for Adults

Together with local artist/teacher Jodi Burghen and Creative Arts Therapist Maggie Hofmann, adult students created beautiful works of art, and had a great time in the process! Not only did the students explore various mediums independently, they also worked on group projects designed to build social skills. Students expressed themselves through drawing, painting, pastels, murals, and pottery.

CNNH's Creative Arts Groups at the Katz Jewish Community Center

Since the summer of 2009, CNNH has been conducting creative arts classes at the Katz JCC for children and adults with special needs. Engaging individuals in the creative arts not only enriches their lives, but also provides more opportunities for the development of social skills, self awareness, expressive language, self esteem, and adaptive coping skills. Together, CNNH and NeurAbilities will be developing more opportunities for children and young adults to participate in creative, motivating, and enjoyable activities through music and art with the help of our partners at the JCC.

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